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Differential Repair in Streetsville, ON

Differential Repair

Your car needs the support of an engine, gearbox, wheels, and tires to move. Axles and a differential are just two of the numerous other parts that are attached to them.

The differential device divides the engine’s torque into two directions. This enables the spin speed of each output to vary. All modern, all-wheel-drive cars and trucks feature a differential between each pair of drive wheels.

A differential’s job is to compensate for discrepancies, notably the variations in wheel speed during rotation. When you turn a corner, the inside wheel has less distance to travel than the outside wheel. This indicates that the outer wheel is moving more quickly to keep up with the inner wheel.

These various speeds are made possible by the differential, which also keeps your car fueled. The differentials handle the entire power output of an engine.

So, what differentiates a front differential from a rear differential? There is a difference between the two front wheels and the two rear wheels. The reason is that the front wheels move at a faster pace than the rear wheels do.

Here, you’ll get to know exactly what a differential service is and its importance to your vehicle.

What Exactly Is a Differential Service?

A mechanic or technician performing differential service will drain the old differential fluid. You can replace it with new fluid in accordance with the guidelines and recommendations of the vehicle’s manufacturer.

The mechanic or technician will do a differential service and fluid flush before adding the new fluid. This thing makes the rear differential service a little different. Many mechanics advise scheduling the tire rotation and differential service at the same time.

Why Is It Necessary to Perform Differential Repairs?

The oil used in the differential is thicker than the oil used in engines. The oil in the differential also wears down and gets contaminated over time. This means changing the oil in the differential is just as crucial as changing the oil in the engine.

Without oil, the differential will begin to experience metal-to-metal contact, which will wear it down. This is similar to how an engine operates.

Most vehicles’ differentials need to be serviced after 50,000 kms. Your car may require differential service more frequently. It depends on the mileage of the vehicle and the kind of travel, such as on dirt roads.

Can a Differential be Overfilled?

Most differentials have a fill hole, which occasionally has a rubber plug covering it. This makes checking the fluid simple for the technician or mechanic. If the differential is overfilled, the seals may attempt to pass through the vent tube.

The axle seals must be replaced when this occurs. It is generally advised to have a qualified mechanic or expert handle your differential servicing. It can be difficult to do this alone and emptying the old fluid is a very messy process.

Signs of a Poor Differential?

The differential requires the same attention you give to the engine’s oil change. For your car’s longevity and safety, the differential needs to be in good operating order. There are a few signs that the differential in your car needs repair:

Leaking Oil:  You require expert differential service right away if you notice what appears to be oil dripping from below the vehicle at one of the axles.

Strange Sounds: A failing differential frequently makes loud rattling or whirring noises. Seek differential service if you can hear these noises coming from underneath the vehicle.

Vibrating:  It is worth taking your vehicle to the mechanic for a differential repair check if you experience an unusual vibration while driving.

Unusual Smell:  Differential oil might start to smell like it’s burning as it gets older. When burning oil is detected, a differential service is necessary.

Trust Halton Auto Service & Transmission for the Best Differential Repair Services in Streetsville, ON

Overall, the differential plays a vital role in ensuring stability, maneuverability, and efficient power distribution in a car’s drivetrain system. It’s crucial to keep it in good condition.

Halton Auto Service & Transmission is a leading auto repair shop in Streetsville, ON for top-notch differential repairs. When visiting their auto repair shop, they can assist you with any automotive repair and maintenance services. Contact us to get in touch with a technician or book an appointment for your next differential service in Streetsville, ON!

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