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Family Owned & Operated

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Welcome to Halton Auto Service & Transmission Mississauga!

Owned and operated by Ron Kulla, Halton Auto Service & Transmission was born in 1988! Fast forward to today, and Halton Transmission has multiple locations throughout the Mississauga and the Halton region.

We’re proud to have auto repair technicians who have been with Halton Auto Service & Transmission since it’s inception in 1988. Our knowledgeable and dedicated team has been the main component in us becoming the area’s leader in both auto repair and transmission repair.

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Our Customer Reviews

Chris and his team are a bunch of rockstars. My SUV’s AC wasn’t working, they found the issue - replaced the compressor and refilled the gas - but guess what, I come home and find out the vent on the driver side is not working - take it back again and they fix it at no extra cost. He has a customer for life now.

Gaurav Pratap Singh Jun 6, 2024

Friendly service that we can always trust!

Rebecca Gail Apr 4, 2024

Chris, Daniel and the team are amazing. If you have an issue with your vehicle that can't be solved ... they will most likely have a solution.

GmanRun10k Mar 3, 2024

I spoke to Chris regarding my friend's car transmission problem. Once he checked and told my friend that he doesn't need to rebuild transmission as that was working OK and before came to Chris my friend showed his car somewhere else and they told him he needs new or rebuild transmission. So I really like Chris,s honesty, and service, and it's worth his place if someone needs a transmission related job

Ramesh Mundan Mar 3, 2024

They were able to do an overhaul on my vehicle's transmission when 5 other shops failed to get anything done. Great service, fantastic people.

Omar Ebesh Mar 3, 2024

Quickly diagnosed the issues. Unfortunately they are terminal and too costly to keep the old beast going. They treated her with dignity and respect all the way to the end. RIP Ford van. You served well.

David Bonany Mar 3, 2024

Honest and professional... Something that is very rare today... I would highly recommend them...

Remy Michaels Jan 1, 2024

The only guys I trust with my car. Straight shooters. Update, took me in on short notice when the car failed on the road nearby du to exhaust issues. Fixed me up same day.

David W Jul 7, 2021

Chris is friendly and transparent. They provided maintenance on my car and were professional. Would definitely bring my car back there again

Rad Dockery Nov 11, 2023

Chris was knowledgeable and professional, fixed the transfer case on a 2011 Mercedes Benz. He knew Mercedes had a problem with spacing the bearings on the transfer cases and that is how I knew this was the right place to Have it repaired. 100% satisfied!!!

Steve Pearce Nov 11, 2023

Anyone as particular as myself can be assured that Halton Transmission has a reputation for trustworthy professional mechanics and guarantee that stands behind their products.

John Sep 9, 2023

Very kind and quick service

Christina Vahey Aug 8, 2023

Great service! Thanks for helping me get my truck on the road.

Tyler Garrard Jul 7, 2023

Everyone was very friendly. I just needed a transmission oil change and filter. The price was good. They did a short test drive before handing it over.

Linda Stinson Jul 7, 2023

They are so kind and very patient treating my car.

Q QQ Dec 12, 2021

This was my first time at Halton, on the recommendation of my regular go-to mechanic who, isn't equipped to do air-conditioning recharging. The work was done while I waited, and Halton agreed with my diagnosis of the problem, which was a relatively easy and inexpensive fix. No upsell was attempted, which I appreciate. So far (a day later!) the fix is holding. I have A/C again. Fingers crossed!

Jeremy Sinek Jul 7, 2023

Halton Transmission 735 Dundas Steet West Mississauga September 15, 2022 - Stress from my prolonged car problem is finally dissolved. In January 2016 while driving my old car down Hurontario Street the fly wheel broke and the car stalled. After the repair at an auto repair garage I noticed the car wasn't driving at Fourth Gear, it felt like its on Third Gear and sometimes on First Gear or on Second Gear. It may be an indication of intermittent electrical problem. The repair shop owner did not claim responsibility, he only told me to speed up then let go, then it will kick into Fourth Gear, but it didn't work. So I had been driving like this for 6 years. On Aug 11, 2022, I was desperately trying to go to hospital due to surging blood pressure but the car could not start, it only kept on cranking, but I managed to start it at neutral position by playing with the gear stick shift. The car started most of the time but quite often the same starting problem occurred. As I suspect the starting problem could be related to the transmission problem so I took the car to Halton Transmission and told the owner Chris Slaven the same story, I also told him that I have high blood pressure, if I can't go to hospital in an emergency I could die. Mr. Chris Slaven is empathetic, he left his business dealing on the phone, took my car for a test drive, came back and worked on the electrical connection on the starter, then went for a test drive again with me and said the problem is fixed. True, now my car is flying on Fourth Gear. He told me to drive for a couple days and see how it goes. I am so happy that my 6-year old stress from car problem is finally dissolved. The problem is caused by loose ground wire connection causing intermittant electrical problem. Car owners should conduct stoical research in Google before deciding where they will take their car for repair, else they will suffer from the consquence of irresponsible, poor workmanship as well as from price gouging. As I measured my blood pressure an hour later after coming home, it read 115 / 74 with pulse rate at 84. I am grateful for Mr. Chris Slaven's empathy and admire his expertise in the field of Auto Transmission and excellent judgement in problem solving . I wish him business prosperity. It is truism that "going an extra mile" can be rewarding.

Tim Kong Sep 9, 2022

I had taken my 2014 Dodge Grand Caravan several times to a different mechanic that I have been going to for more than 15 years. They were not able to determine what was wrong and when it got so bad that I thought it was going to die, I took it again. I dropped it off at the end of business last Thursday. They didn't look at it for 3 days and didn't know when they could. I decided to take it to Halton Transmission on Tuesday, they looked at it and had it fixed by Wednesday because they had to get the part from the dealer. I had a very badly cracked fly wheel as well as a rear engine mount. I will be going to Halton from now on. Thanks for the amazing service.

Dorothy Shea Jun 6, 2023

Excellent customer service, with work done right! Honest and to the point on what exactly has to be repaired.

George Mendes May 5, 2023

Brought my 2011 Nissan Rogue for AC check up . Was Informed about what needs to be done or replaced ,gives you a quote and then you're given the decision for them to proceed. Price was reasonable. If you need a shop that you can depend on for your vehicle's maintenance. Call Chris at Halton Transmission, He and his crew will be there to help.

King Feb 2, 2021

Great service. Staff is friendly and keeps you in the know. Thank you

Andrew Chan May 5, 2023

Excellent service, very friendly employee’s.Chris, Daniel and Rocky are the best. Always willing to help.

nova gunn Apr 4, 2023

Thanks to the entire Team at Halton Transmission. Transmission repair done fast and for a fair price. Works Great.

redlineauto shop Apr 4, 2023

took my car for AC service as usual fast and honest service car is nice and cold!!! Thanks guys!!! Again I was back and as usual great service!

John Baldassarra Mar 3, 2021

I have been taking my numerous cars to Halton Transmission for the better part of 5 plus years. Was "ripped off" before at several other locations that tried to repair an AC. Adam and team got it done first try, and the AC never had another issue. I learned of Ron & Adam from the community work that they do. What two excellent examples of "community givers". I think I'm up to 4 or 5 sets of tires. Every-time, I am given pricing options from cheap to their recommendation, to the expensive top of the line. When I check on their prices on the internet, they are always more than competitive. They always call for approval with pricing before doing any additional work that they have uncovered during their examination of the vehicle. They maintain our vehicles in top notch condition. I feel that they by far are the most reliable in town. Unfortunately, it took me 15 years to find them. The entire team exhibits great customer service and I always feel that my business is more than appreciated. I highly recommend them.

Keith Lamson Apr 4, 2023

The reception and customer service are excellent, the work is good and the warranty is effective. I advise you to deal with them, as they specialized.

Ammar Geeso Mar 3, 2023

My car broke down in winter storm on last Friday as I tried to get out of the snowbank. I was sure I broke my transmission as I couldn't get the car to drive. I towed my car to this location after I got recommended by my dad. Their establishment has very good reputation among many people. Yes its a bit more pricey but every penny i

Faizan Jabbar Mar 3, 2023

Professional and honest service. Very courteous and well mannered staff.

Isaac Mirza Feb 2, 2023

These guy are great to deal with we send our fleet of trucks every year and have been satisfied customers and appreciate that it is a family run establishment.

Morgan Feb 2, 2023

honest shop ...folks that you can trust !!!!!!

Mike Mike Feb 2, 2023

Excellent service. Very friendly and cooperative and professional staff.

Noman Ahmed Jan 1, 2023

This is one of the best places for your car , I can’t thank enough Chris who took care of the process - you give them the time needed they fix the car and make sure there are no issues in the long run . I am writing this review after my service 2 months ago . I had an ac issue which was fixed promptly and oil change . Chris even said to come over when ever free so that he can check what ever he changed is all good and intact . I was impressed by that kind of device . Highly recommend if you have the patience

sachin kumar Jan 1, 2023

Very impressed dealing with Chris at the front desk. Very knowledgeable, asked background questions regarding the history of my vehicle and specific questions relating to the problem. I was offered a couple of logical options going forward and they discovered it was really only a minor repair. They will certainly be my first choice if their services will be required in the future and have already recommended them to one of my neighbors.

Tony Del Bove Orlandi Jan 1, 2023

Incredible work with great staff!

David Hilton Dec 12, 2022

My Ml 350 had problem with the transfer case. The Mercedes dealer asked for more than $9000.00 cdn dollars for repair. I did call Halton Transmission and spoke with Chris Slaven and they did repair my SUV for just about $2300.00 can. You can't find a better place and people for transmission repair, period.

Sadik Malushaj Dec 12, 2022

Chris is always helpful and knowledgeable. I feel confident that I know I can trust them to be honest with their prices and not "rip" me off

Barbara Weber Aug 8, 2021

Their service is on-point. Had an amazing experience dealing with everyone there especially with Chris. He was our main guy to go to with our company vans. Highly recommend going there for any of the issues.

Ali Imran Nov 11, 2022

Enjoyed dealing with Chris about getting our transmission fixed.

Thomas Kasekamp Nov 11, 2022
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