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Car Oil Change in Brampton, ON

Oil Change

When you turn the ignition key, you rely on your engine to start smoothly and operate efficiently. To ensure that your car’s engine functions optimally, it is essential to have clean motor oil. Clean oil plays a crucial role in protecting delicate engine components. Regularly changing your oil is one of the simplest and most effective ways to safeguard your engine.

Including an oil change in your vehicle’s preventative maintenance schedule is a cost-effective and efficient method to prolong the life of your engine. By regularly replacing the oil, you help prevent the accumulation of harmful contaminants and ensure that the engine operates smoothly.

How Can Engine Motor Oil Help With Engine Protection?

Your engine’s ability to operate safely, effectively, and smoothly depends heavily on the motor oil that runs through it.

There are four important ways that oil change services contribute to better engine operation.

Lowering Friction and Reducing Unnecessary Wear

The oil creates a coating of lubricating protection over all of the delicate parts of the engine. As a result, there is less friction between the moving parts and no metal-on-metal friction.

Comprehensive Cleaning

The motor oil collects dirt, debris, and combustion deposits as it passes through the engine. It also prevents the accumulation and development of harmful blockages. These items are rendered harmless by the oil until your next oil change, at which point the dirty oil is removed.

Reduce Heat Flow

While driving, your vehicle’s engine produces a lot of heat. Changing the oil in your vehicle can help safely reduce heat away from sensitive areas. Also, it can easily pass through the engine and protect your vehicle’s engine from excessive heat flow.

Avoid Rust and Corrosion

The motor oil creates a layer of protection that prevents the engine parts from experiencing excessive rust and corrosion.

Over time, motor oil naturally degrades and becomes less effective in its role of lubricating and protecting the engine. As it circulates through the engine, it accumulates dust, debris, and heat, which further diminish its efficiency. Failing to regularly change the oil can lead to serious problems such as sticking pistons, engine blockages, overheating, and even engine failure.

To avoid these costly issues, it is crucial to adhere to the recommended oil change schedule for your specific vehicle. By following this schedule, you ensure that your engine always has the necessary protection to operate at its best.

At Halton Auto Service in Brampton, ON, we are here to assist you in selecting the ideal oil change schedule for your car or truck. Our knowledgeable team can provide guidance based on your vehicle’s make, model, and driving conditions. Trust us to help you maintain a healthy engine through regular oil changes.

What Are the Main Steps of an Oil Change?

An oil change involves several key steps to ensure the proper replacement of old, contaminated oil with fresh oil. Here are the main steps typically involved in an oil change:

  • Draining the old oil
  • Removing and replacing the oil filter
  • Installing the drain plug and new filter
  • Adding fresh oil
  • Checking the oil level
  • Additional inspections and services
  • Proper disposal of old oil

It is important to note that the specific steps involved in an oil change may vary depending on the vehicle make and model.

What Are the Kinds of Motor Oil Used in a Vehicle’s Engine?

Nowadays, there are many options when it comes to engine oil. Each variety offers varying degrees of engine protection, varies in price, and has a different level of viscosity (thickness). The three primary types of engine oil include the following:

  • Conventional

Conventional motor oil, often known as “standard oil” or simply “crude oil”. It is a type of natural mineral oil that has undergone some partial processing in order to improve its viscosity and defensive properties.

This oil will protect your engine the best while still being the most affordable choice. However, it is not as refined as other types of oil that are available, so it won’t offer the same levels of protection as, say, synthetic oil. Additionally, it may get filthy and lose its power more quickly.

  • Synthetic Motor Oil

This kind of motor oil is completely manufactured in a factory or lab. Also, it is highly refined, with additives and the best kinds of elements.  This kind of engine oil must follow strict guidelines and go through a tightly supervised manufacturing process. As a result, it offers the highest levels of engine safety.

An artificial oil change will cost more than a standard oil change. But, synthetic oil lasts longer than normal oil. Therefore, you won’t need to change your oil as frequently.

  • Synthetic Mixture

A refined oil known as a synthetic blend is a cross between fully synthetic and conventional oils. It makes use of the best features of each kind of oil.

Synthetic blend oil provides more engine protection and higher performance than conventional oil but not as much as full-synthetic oil. It typically lasts longer than standard oil as well.

The price of a synthetic blend oil change will be slightly more than that of traditional oil. Additionally, the price of this kind of oil is basically lower than that of a complete synthetic.

  • High-Mileage

High-mileage engine oil includes special additives, including viscosity modifiers, seal conditioners, specialty cleansers, and anti-corrosion agents. Also, this kind of engine oil is designed similarly to synthetic oil and offers additional protection for older engines.

Older engines are prone to corrosion and higher oil burn-off, both of which can result in increased engine wear. Therefore, high-mileage oil offers the additional protection required to enhance the engine’s overall efficiency and lengthen its life.

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Our experienced technicians are dedicated to providing top-quality maintenance for your engine in Brampton, ON, ensuring it runs smoothly and efficiently. With our expertise, we will perform a thorough oil change, including draining the old oil, replacing the oil filter, and adding fresh, high-quality oil. We follow industry best practices to ensure proper disposal of the old oil, prioritizing environmental responsibility. Trust us to keep your engine in optimal condition with our reliable oil change service. Contact us now to book an appointment and give your vehicle the care it deserves.

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