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1234yf Freon Services for Your Vehicle


The comfort, enjoyment, and safety of the driver are always being improved by manufacturers. The most recent innovation involves new refrigerants and air conditioning technology for automobiles. It is known as R-1234yf, and according to claims, this new refrigerant will significantly lessen negative environmental consequences and improve fuel economy.

What Exactly Is a 1234 YF Freon?

1234YF Freon, also known as R1234yf, is a type of refrigerant used in automotive air conditioning systems. It is a refrigerant that has been developed as a more environmentally friendly alternative to the previously used R134a refrigerant. 1234YF Freon has a lower global warming potential (GWP) compared to R134a, making it compliant with newer environmental regulations.

Automotive manufacturers have transitioned to using 1234YF Freon in their newer vehicle models to meet the requirements of reduced greenhouse gas emissions. It offers efficient cooling performance and helps contribute to a more sustainable and eco-friendly automotive industry.

In comparison to older air conditioning systems such as R134a, 1234yf is much more advantageous for the consumer and the environment. Keep reading to learn more about the new system’s benefits.

History of 1234YF Freon

In comparison to R-134a, a greenhouse gas that is just as destructive as carbon dioxide, 1234YF is better for the environment because of its lower global warming potential. In 2013, General Motors started releasing vehicles on the market with this new technology, and full conversion occurred in 2018. Models from Chrysler, Honda, and Subaru came next in 2017.

By 2025, it’s expected that 1234YF will be present in every vehicle. If your present vehicle needs R-134a, don’t worry. 134a is incompatible with 1234YF and it is slated for phasing out. However, manufacturers will nevertheless go on producing it as long as there is a need for it to service older vehicles.

What Are the Consumer Benefits of 1234YF Freon?

The betterment of everyone is constantly considered when making changes. You should be aware of the following benefits of using 1234yf Freon:

  • Recovers 95% of the system’s refrigerant.
  • Recharges within a pound and a half of the specifications.
  • Refuses to allow the recovery of tainted refrigerant.
  • Not going to recharge if leaks are found.
  • More productive.

Overall, 1234yf freon is more energy efficient and uses less power from your vehicle to operate. It will cool your car faster and overall reduce your vehicle’s carbon footprint. By having this technology in your vehicle, you are also complying with ever evolving industry requirements.

How Does R-1234YF Affect You as a Vehicle Owner?

Do not worry if your car is an older model. The following considerations apply if your system runs on R-12 or R-134a:

The production of R-134a refrigerant will continue, but at a slower rate as demand dictates.

R-12 systems can still be retrofitted to use R-134a.

It is possible to retrofit from R-134a to R-1234yf, although the cost is considerably higher.

Environmental Benefits of Having the Latest 1234YF System

  • It is over 99% less harmful to the environment then its predecessor, R134a.
  • It has a much lower global warming potential (GWP) rating of 4, compared to R134a’s rating of 1400.
  • It only lasts in the atmosphere for approximately 11 days, while R134a lasts for 13 years.
  • The system works as efficiently as its predecessor, while being better for the environment.
  • The system uses a similar set of materials (hoses, pipes, sealing rings, etc.) compared to its predecessor. This means it requires minimal systematic/logistical amendments.
  • This system is made to be very effective, has a reduced chance of leaks, and shouldn’t need maintenance as frequently.

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