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Wheel Balancing and Tires

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Wheel & Tire Balancing

Whenever you install new tires, they need to be balanced. Over time, due to wear and hitting potholes, your wheel and/or tire can become damaged, and imbalanced. This imbalance can cause a vibration that you don’t feel that will place increase stress on your vehicle’s suspension components.

Since tires wear depending on driving habits and roadway conditions, unequal wear will can become evident after the first 1,000km of driving. Tires should be inspected for balance every 10,000km. Our mechanics can easily help identify whether your tires need to be rotated and balanced based on wear or mileage.

Properly balanced tires will give you a smooth ride, improved fuel economy and prolong the life of your tires.

How to tell if your tires need balancing:

Vibrations when steering
Unequal tread wear
Steering that comes to be less smooth over the life of the tires
Pulling to one side