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Transmission Service and Repair

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Transmission Repair

Manual Transmission Repair

A manual transmission typically experiences fewer issues than the automatic one. When your manual transmission becomes noisy in gear or in neutral, shifts hard or leaks lubricant, it’s time to get it checked out. The longer you drive with a transmission that needs service, the higher the likelihood of the transmission failing. Other symptoms of a failing manual transmission are clutch drag, slipping or failure to release. These problems could stem from a loose or missing bolt, or they may indicate cracks in the transmission case or improper fluid levels and viscosity. Whatever it is, we can diagnose and repair your manual transmission.

Automatic Transmission Repair

Like manual transmissions, automatic transmissions shift gears. But that’s about the end of their similarities. An automatic transmission has a whole different set of components that allow the transmission to judge such things as vehicle speed, engine rotation and vehicle load in order to optimize your driving experience. Due to the higher complexity of an automatic transmission, issues can be more difficult to diagnose and repair, and may often be confused with engine issues. If your automatic transmission is stuck in a gear, has trouble shifting or isn’t behaving normally in day to day driving, stop by for a FREE road test and inspection!

Transmission Service

Transmission fluid makes it possible for you to shift gears. While you are driving, the temperature hist high temperatures, which affect it’s lifespan. Certain driving conditions, such as long-distance trips, traffic jams or driving on a hilly terrain cause transmission fluid to heat up beyond its normal temperature range, which can accelerate the fluid breakdown. Transmission fluid has to be flushed and the filter should be replaced at certain intervals, depending on your car’s make and model, mileage and your driving style. If you notice that your car is slow or rough at shifting gears, it’s time for a transmission fluid flush. Schedule an appointment with Halton Auto Service & Transmission today.