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Engine Service, Tune-ups, Fluids, Coolant Flush and More!

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Tune Ups

Tune ups are essential to ensuring your vehicle is operating at it’s peak performance level. A properly tuned engine will run smoother, provide the highest fuel economy and increase the longevity of your engine and vehicle.

All vehicles aren’t built the same, as such the requirements for a tune-up may vary. A typical tune-up can consist of replacing your air filter, cabin air filter, spark plugs and lubricating your engine and suspension components. It’s also a great time for us to give your vehicle a quick inspection to make sure there isn’t a problem that could impact your vehicle’s longevity or you and your family’s safety.

Lubricant & Fluid Services

Rely on the technicians at Halton Auto Service & Transmission for your vehicle’s fluid maintenance.

Fluids and lubricants are crucial for your vehicle’s smooth operation, performance and safety. Old and contaminated fluids, low fluid levels or wrong fluids may cause a component failure, which could lead to accident (especially in the event of the brake fluid). Your vehicle’s components rely on fluid to function correctly.

Motor oil is there to lubricate the engine. Brake fluid powers your brakes which helps your car slow down and transmission fluid helps ensure your gears are lubricated and allows smooth shifts. There are a few other fluids you might have never heard about, which still require attention in order to maintain your vehicle’s life and your safety.

Most of your vehicle’s fluids are operating under high pressure and high temperatures, which leads them to eventually break down be less effective. Small particles that break off various engine internals can contaminate them. Depending on the type of fluid, some fluids must be completely flushed and replaced at regular intervals, while others can simply be topped off.

Clutch/Flywheel Repair

Most people think clutches are only in manual transmission vehicles; this is no longer true. Some automatic transmissions also have a clutch. A vehicle can have more than one clutch. Your car needs to be able to stop without shutting down the engine, which is one of the functions of the clutch. A clutch/flywheel assembly facilitates changing or shifting gears. If you notice your vehicle has difficulty changing gears, whether it’s a manual or an automatic, bring it in and let technicians at Halton Auto Service & Transmission take a look.

Cooling System Flush

Your vehicle’s cooling system is responsible for preventing the engine from overheating by circulating engine coolant through the engine to absorb heat. Hot coolant from the engine is also used to heat the air when you use heating. Over time, coolant picks up contaminants, such as rust and scale, which can clog and damage system’s components. Some symptoms of a failing cooling system can be poor heat in the vehicle cabin, or the vehicle operating at a higher temperature than normal. Come to Halton Auto Service & Transmission to get your cooling system flushed, cleaned and refilled with a fresh coolant mixture.

Power Steering Fluid Flush

Power steering fluid helps make it easier to turn your steering wheel. As years go by and steering system components wear and tear, the fluid may become contaminated with metal shavings, dirt and other particles. Because the power steering fluid is constantly under pressure, these particles may eventually cause damage to the seals and other system components, leading to leaks and premature part failure. Power steering fluid should be flushed and replaced every three to four years to ensure longevity of the entire system. Schedule an appointment with Halton Auto Service & Transmission today.

A/C Refrigerant Recharge

Refrigerant is used in your car’s air conditioning system to blow cold air through your vents. Under ideal circumstances, you shouldn’t have to refill or replace the refrigerant. However, if there is a leak, your refrigerant levels will decrease, causing the cold air to feel warmer than usual and possibly a sweet scent from the evaporating refrigerant which is not healthy to breathe. At Halton Auto Service & Transmission, we can fix the leak and then recharge the refrigerant by draining it, filtering out impurities and topping off with fresh freon.